TITAN Corporation Co., Ltd . is a 3D printed product manufacturer company which takes all the responsibility of design, production, distribution and sales itself.

The corporation is organised by Sam Jung and Taeyeon Park who have been friend since 2005.

They almost spent their 20's in the UK and Australia respectively in or ... [READ MORE]der to enhance their abilities and talents.

After few years of studying abroad, therefore, Sam got a bachelor's degree from Coventry University.

Sam and Taeyeon have been working together and established TITAN Corporation Co., Ltd . born as a company specialised in high-end product made by 3D printer.

The ultimate goal of a company is to provide the best quality with the finest and latest 3D printing skills to our customers and will always consider the way to reach our customers demand.

TITAN Corporation will show the most effort and maximise our talents in order to become a global company to distribute our products to all over the world.