Irate Pepper

I have been a toy lover all of my life. If I had not gained quite a nice career in 3d art, animation and technical art for computer games where I thoroughly enjoy making virtual toys, I would have found work designing real toys and other objects of use and/or fun.

3D printing is a burgeoning home industry now that these printe ... [READ MORE]rs are priced for the average person.

This is the technology I've been waiting my whole life for, and I'm using it to do some of the things I've always wanted to do. I have, for years, modeled 3D toys in a virtual world, now I am designing toys, as I often joke: "that I can throw at people."

I simply mean things I can physically hold in my hands, and not just spin around on a computer screen.

My store will concentrate on two main areas:

1) Toys - Figures, ships, robots, accessories, things that you can print for fun and enjoyment.
2) Useful inventions - objects that will serve you well in many areas including accessories for 3D printing, convenient wrappers for earbuds, and generally useful things.

All of my designs will be print-tested and refined for their particular use.