You already know that we’re crazy for 3D printing! (Really, we are a little bit nutz over it!) You already know that we see 3D printing as one of the largest industry disruptors of our time!

So, here’s a little about the team that’s not so 3D printing related:



Drew’s love of technology started with coding in Basic on his RadioShack TRS 80! Yep, back when the only way to save a file was on an audio tape… Of course, that was cutting edge at the time, just as 3D printing is now. Believe it or not, he thought it was fun to teach himself ASP and database management. What a weird guy, huh?

In addition, he is an avid yogi and previous cofounder of, was a Chinese Medical practitioner and professor, covered sports medicine for pro ice hockey and pro soccer teams, loves world travel (Bali, Nepal, SE Asia, New Zealand), avidly practices Qi Gong and meditation, and loves hiking and snow boarding.



In his early teens he programmed games and business apps in a Commodore 64 using the manual to teach himself BASIC. Daniel later studied Computer Science and is a Founder Institute graduate. Previously, he worked at Nokia where he was instrumental in the development of the early Symbian-powered smartphones and ran a mobile real estate marketing startup.

When he's not building software products, he's probably flying his small plane with his family. Daniel occasionally blogs at



Front end developer, designer, and SEO-guy extraordinaire! Josh has dedicated much of his life to various art forms. His love of guitar led him to study Music Industry in college, but he was continuously called back to his love of visual art and graphic design. In addition, his passion for 3D printing is incredibly contagious, so watch out if you run into him at an event, you might be buying a printer later that day… LOL

When he is not playing on the 3D printer or creating amazing designs for 3Dagogo, he is typically hanging at the zoo (which is where he got married) or traveling around the world with his amazing wife.